Football Manager 24: Save ideas for every player

In the world of virtual football management, where the possibilities are as endless as your passion for the sport, Football Manager 24 shines as the ultimate canvas for your managerial dreams.

Football Manager 24: Save ideas for every player

I. Introduction

In the ever-evolving world of virtual football management, Football Manager 24 stands out as a testament to innovation and immersion. The latest installment of this beloved franchise promises to be a game-changer, offering a plethora of fresh features and tools to ignite the imaginations of both seasoned tacticians and budding managers. One of the key elements that makes Football Manager truly special is the art of choosing a save game.

In "Football Manager 24: Save Ideas for Every Player," we embark on an exciting journey through the game's diverse save options, aimed at catering to a wide spectrum of player preferences and ambitions. Whether you're a seasoned pro looking for your next managerial challenge, a tactical guru craving a unique test of your strategies, or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of football management, there's a save game idea crafted just for you.

From reviving fallen giants to nurturing youth talents into global superstars, our guide will explore various save game ideas to ignite your passion for the sport and make your Football Manager 24 experience truly unforgettable. So, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to explore new horizons, as we delve into the imaginative and exciting save game ideas that Football Manager 24 has to offer.

 II. My FM 24 Save Ideas

New to the game

If you are new to the game, it would be helpful to start with a well-known more successful team, as the game is very complex and some aspects of it might be hard to manage. My save idea for a beginner is to play with:

Real Madrid

Real Madrid are probably the biggest football club in the world. Still, last season they failed to win La Liga or the Champions League. In the same time, their main attack threat, Karim Benzema transferred to Saudi Arabia, while their starting Goalkeeper, Thibault Courtois is injured for the whole season and Edin Hazard decided to retire from football. With 260 million euros in the bank and the confirmed transfer of Jude Bellingham, do you think you can do better than Ancelotti?

Juventus Torino

 Although Juventus have not won the Serie A in a few years, they are still regarded by the game as one of the top teams in Italy. The club has a season of break from European football, due to irregularities found in the finance books, creating the perfect environment to focus on winning again the Serie A.

A Casual Save

If you love the game, but do not have the time to play it as much as you would like, you would probably choose to start with a better known team, that is closer to winning trophies and players you still remember when you enter the game. My suggestions for such a save are:

AS Roma

Jose Mourinho brought to Roma the only European trophy in the last 60 years, but his start of the season was not the best. The team is knocking on the doors of European Football every year, but can you take them one step further?


De Zerbi transformed Brighton into one of the teams that play the most exciting football in Premier League. With 163 million Euros in the bank, could you transform this contender for the European places into a Premier League champion winning team?

"Return to Glory"

The newly introduced game mode "Your world" is excellent for a rebuild job. On FM24 you can fix mistakes these teams made, faster than before! My suggestions for such a save are:

Ajax Amsterdam

In real life, Ajax Amsterdam have the worst start of a season in history. Using the newly added "My world" game mode, you can shape the team to your vision and return them as soon as possible back where they belong.

Olympique Lyon

Similar with Ajax Amsterdam, Olympique Lyon has one of the worst starts their Ligue 1 in history. This 7 time winner of Ligue 1 during the 2000's deserves to return at the top of the table. The only minor obstacle in your way is Paris Saint Germain.

Deportivo la Coruna

Deportivo la Coruna is a former La Liga winner and has played even a Champions League final in the 2003/04 season. Now they find themselves in the Spanish 3rd division, waiting for a talented manager to bring them back to glory.

Build a Nation

Football Manager 24 introduced a new small playable league into Europe, Gibraltar. Could you build this nation into a European powerhouse? You have 11 teams to choose from, so pick wisely.

International Save

With some quality of life improvements for International Management in Football Manager 24, it would be a shame not to try this type of Save at least once during this year. My suggestion for you is playing with your home nation. Could you bring glory to your fellow locals?

New addition to FM24
The Japanese Dream

For the first time in Football Manager, you can manage a team from Japan. In FM24, the first three Japanese divisions are available, so you can start new challenges of dominating Asian Football. Which club will you choose?

Director of Football Save

Starting with the last versions of the game, the concept of a Director of Football save has increased significantly. In this type of save, you oversee all aspects of the football team you are managing, except playing the actual games, choosing the tactic or starting 11. You just go in vacation during the games and leave your Assistant Manager handle these aspects. This makes him the actual Club Manager and yourself, more of a Director of Football. My save idea for such a save is

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund are a well-known club all over the world, but although they produce some of the most talented football players in the game, they struggle to win trophies. Could you be the man to help them secure silverware?

Sevilla FC

The club has been knocking on the doors of Champions League football for a while now, but they always seem to end up in Europa League, winning the competition. The club has a great combination of Training and Youth Facilities, Reputation and talented players. Could you take them to La Liga and Champions League Glory, as the club Director of Football?

Youth to Glory
FC Nordsjaelland

Scandinavia is a pool of football talent and amongst the best teams that produce youth talent is also FC Nordsjaelland. In the same time, they have a unique collaboration with an academy in Ghana, helping them bring talented African players into Europe. One of these names is Mohammed Kudus, currently playing at Ajax Amsterdam. Given all the talent at your disposal, where can you take this team?

Legia Warsaw

Having one of the highest Youth Recruitment levels in the game and one of the highest Youth Facilities in the game, Legia is the perfect set-up for a youth challenge. Fancy managing in the Polish First Division?

Complex challenge
FC Vaduz

FC Vaduz might present one of the toughest challenges in Football Manager. They are a team from Lichtenstein, playing in the Swiss first division. Although they can win this competition and be crowned as Swiss champions, they cannot represent Switzerland into the European Competitions. Their only chance for European Success is to win the Liechtensteiner Cup, which allows them to participate into the qualifying stages of the Europa Conference League. Only by winning the Europa Conference League, they can qualify for the next season of Europa League and only by winning the Europa League they can qualify into the Champions League. Can you make FC Vaduz a Champions Winning Club? If yes, you are my hero. 

AD Ceuta FC

Ceuta FC is a club playing in the Spanish 4th Division. What makes the club special though, is that from a geographical point of view, Ceuta is not in Europe, but on the continent of Africa. To be more exact, in Morocco, where Spain has a few territories. Could you manage the "first in history" club from Africa to win European Trophies? Even more, could you do it using only African players?

III. Conclusion

 In the world of virtual football management, where the possibilities are as endless as your passion for the sport, Football Manager 24 shines as the ultimate canvas for your managerial dreams. With a rich tapestry of save game options, it caters to every player's unique desires and ambitions, promising a thrilling ride filled with countless triumphs, defeats, and unforgettable moments.

 As we conclude our exploration of the diverse save ideas in "Football Manager 24: Save Ideas for Every Player," one thing becomes abundantly clear – the game's magic lies in its ability to adapt to your imagination. Whether you choose to resurrect a struggling giant, craft your legacy at a lower-league club, or nurture tomorrow's stars from the youth academy, Football Manager 24 is your playground.

 So, take the reins of your favorite club, create your story, and witness your vision unfold on the digital pitch. The game's virtual world is your canvas, and you're the artist of your footballing destiny. The only question that remains is, which save idea will you choose to script your next footballing epic?